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Villas in Cyprus. Rent from owners

Villa in Cyprus on the shore of the sea to rent for the holidays, what could be better for a quiet, romantic getaway in the circle of his family and people close to You!!!

To donate real estate to sublease in Cyprus prohibited, rent possible only from the owner, other ways just outside of the law and are fraught with unpleasant consequences.

There are reliable sites such as aribnb, →, homeaway and others.

In Cyprus, as in any country of the world, there will always be "lovers of easy money" (scammers). Therefore, in order not to spoil your vacation, we recommend you to contact proven services:

You can watch rentals holiday apartments:

Villas in Cyprus for rent
Villas for rent in Cyprus Paphos

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A Cyprus Villa in Limassol

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Villa in Cyprus on the shores of the sea

Cyprus is undoubtedly one of the most favorite holiday destinations of Russian tourists. This trend has gained its popularity in just over two decades. The holiday season on the island lasts from April to October and the average number of Sunny days per year – up to 320! Therefore whenever you got a vacation – you can always find a good time relaxing on the island.

The geography of choice of destinations

The island is replete with a variety of places to select recreation. It all depends on the preferences of tourists. On the island there are areas for comfortable living and quiet relaxation. For example, in Protaras or Paphos (South Cyprus). Here are some of the best beaches of Cyprus. A noisy fit of Agia NAPA with its clubs, loud parties and the youth movement. Limassol has a huge selection of housing that everyone can afford. Larnaca claims to be the most versatile city for tourists of all ages. North Cyprus is the resort town of Famagusta and Kyrenia, though most tourists choose all the same South of the island and the capital Nicosia.

Search vacation rentals

In any case, every traveler or vacationer will have to face a choice of housing. And then there are two options: either it will be renting a Villa in Cyprus or the choice will fall on the traditional. To make a final decision and not to make the wrong choice, you should consider all the pros and cons of both accommodation options.

Uncomfortable than hotels

Many tourists who have visited this Paradise island, they complain of excessive cost and the current limitations in the policy of the Cyprus hotels. But vacation is relaxation, and they do not want to live on a set schedule! And to spend huge sums of money for rooms at the 3 - or 4-star hotels also does not bring much pleasure. Especially if there is a great alternative to renting a Villa on the seafront in several times cheaper and without any restrictions.

Is it profitable to rent an apartment?

About the advantages of renting villas in Cyprus you can write endlessly, but let's focus on the main positive aspects.

* Price offer. Standard hotel room does not compare in terms of comfort and price Villa.

* Personal time. Living in a private Villa you do not need to adjust the work schedule of the hotel. The renting period can be in days, weeks, months, years with the possibility of extending the period of the tenancy.

* Large area for a big company. The Villa is particularly relevant for those who go big noisy companies or families. The average area of Cyprus the Villa is about 150 square meters. Most often, they are freestanding houses. Also the hotels are not able to accommodate everyone together in one room or even one floor. The cost of renting a Villa on one living out much cheaper than paying for a hotel room.

* Organization of supply. Renting a Villa, you can not depend on the schedule meals and menus at the hotel and organize your meals. Cyprus is full of shops with a huge assortment of products that are not alien to the Russian people. No desire to cook? Not a problem! Great choice of cosy cafes, restaurants with national cuisine and fast food outlets will not give a single chance to be hungry.

* Amenities. Usually villas have a large local area, a landscaped garden, household appliances, several rooms. Great chance to rent a Villa with a pool.

How and where to find apartments near the sea?

The main issue is to rent a Villa in Cyprus, without intermediaries. Who wants to pay for mediation services? This can be primarily real estate companies, property owners, a popular resources for finding and booking accommodation, which the search engine produces countless. But with the very likely still get into mediation.

Therefore, it is best to ask in the appropriate forums, or visit the website→. Initially, you should evaluate your budget to know what to look for. On the forums, guaranteed you can meet the real owners of the villas, which offer quite reasonable prices. The option of renting a house from the owner is usually the cheapest.


The season of arrival in Cyprus, as in any other resort destination, a direct impact on rental rates. High season – high prices. Just as the type + the location of rental housing. For example, for a 2-room apartment in 10 minutes from the beach you can take from 30 to 200 euros per day. Daily accommodation in a Villa on the first line of the sea can reach up to 500 euros and above.

To rent or buy?

If there is a desire not just to rent a cottage to rent and to buy their own property on the island, then this solution must be approached very carefully. Rent a cheap Villa is committed to see the lives of islanders "from within" and come to the correct decision and choice.

Have an exciting break with visit and stay in this amazing Sunny warm island in the heart of the Mediterranean!

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